What are the benefits of shutters?
Aside from being beautiful to look at, shutters have a number of practical benefits, including;

  • improved ventilation and light control
  • increased privacy
  • low maintenance
  • help to minimise draughts and improve insulation

    They can also improve the saleability of a property and give the appearance of security shutters when the property is vacant.

  • How long does it take to get shutters?
    Once the design process is complete, I require a 50% deposit payment to release the order to our manufacturers. Depending on your specific requirements, I aim to install your shutters within 8-11 weeks. If you are in a hurry, I may be able to fast track some orders through our UK suppliers from 3 weeks however; this comes at an additional cost.
    Do your shutters come with warranty?
    Yes. I provide three years warranty for the product itself and one years warranty for the hardware (such as hinges).
    Are your shutters from sustainable and managed sources?
    I only use hardwoods from sustainable and managed sources. None of my products come from tropical or sub tropical rainforests.
    LDF (light density fiberboard) is exceptionally ‘green’ and is fully compliant with strict environmental standards. It is among the most eco-friendly materials available as wood composite production involves very little waste, with up to 95% of every tree utilised.
    For my hardwood and solid timber shutters I use up to 63% of timber from rapid growth trees.
    For more information about my shutters, please see the ‘shutters’ page.
    Will shutters exclude all the light in my room?
    No. However, I can offer a blackout system if required.
    I have quite a lot of condensation on my windows, are shutters suitable for them?
    Yes. I can offer a water resistant shutter range if required.
    How much maintenance do shutters require?
    Shutters are easily cleaned using a duster, damp sponge or soft cloth or by running the soft brush head of your vacuum cleaner over them. The finish shouldn’t need repainting for many years.
    Our LDF shutters are maintenance free and cannot be repainted anyway.